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Are you planning a winter wedding? Fortunately, here in Texas, our winters are rather mild. That said, Texas is also known for having pretty unpredictable weather that can range from warm and sunny, to freezing or rainy. Whether you plan to get married in December, January, February or even early March, here are 10 tips to help you prepare for a winter wedding:

#1: Consider an Indoor/Outdoor Venue

Winter is a magical time for a wedding, but frigid or rainy weather can have your guests running for the indoors. Before you book your venue, consider both outdoor and indoor ceremony options. If you are planning to have an outdoor ceremony, make sure to also plan a back-up ceremony inside. Most venues can show you optional indoor ceremony layouts.

#2: Account for Longer Travel Times

During inclement weather, it may take you and your guests longer to arrive at the venue. Account for the longer travel times by requesting that your guests arrive an hour before the ceremony. You could always entice them by offering our next tip:

#3: Serve Hot Drinks During Cocktail Hour

Warm your wind-chilled guests by offering hot drinks during a pre-ceremony cocktail hour. Drinks such as warm spiced wine and hot apple cider are sure to be a welcomed treat. You could also opt for a DIY coffee and hot chocolate bar. Don’t forget the mini marshmallows!

#4: Have an Earlier Ceremony

Remember, it gets darker sooner in the winter months. Natural lighting is always best for wedding photos, so consider having an earlier ceremony. Additionally, it tends to get colder as it gets later into the night. Having your reception end an hour or so before midnight could also mean a safer commute home for your guests.

#5: Dress for the Occasion and the Season

It’s possible to keep warm without compromising your wedding photos. In fact, winter is the best time to add character to your photos by investing in a few winter accessories. Faux fur coats or cloaks, scarves or shawls in one of your wedding colors and even hand muffs are all great options. For a rustic flair, consider wearing boots under your wedding dress! Or, keep a second pair of shoes on hand just in case your original pair get muddy.

#6: Feature Cozy Decor

During the winter, nothing is more inviting than a cozy reception. Fabrics such as velvet or chenille, rich winter colors and elements of light, such as lit candles, can all create a warm ambience. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Consider adding a few seasonal pieces to your decor such as pine cones, bare tree branches, wood slabs or tree slices.

#7: Choose a Seasonal Dinner Menu

Most caterers will offer seasonal dinner menus with produce that is in season. Seasonal produce will be more abundant which makes it a more cost efficient option. Not to mention, seasonal produce tends to be fresher which yields the best flavor.

#8: Stay Ahead of Time

The winter months are some of the busiest of the year. Remember that your guests have a lot of commitments from Christmas and the New Year to Valentine’s Day! Consider sending your save the dates and wedding invitations a bit earlier to give your guests enough notice. Winter months are also some of the busiest for vendors. Book your venue, caterers, bartenders, photographer and entertainment well in advance.

#9: Give Dual Purpose Favors

Cross preparing for inclement weather and wedding favors off your list at the same time by providing dual purpose favors for your wedding party or guests. Umbrellas, ponchos, throws and mittens are all great gifts that can be used time and time again!

#10: Arrange Lodging for Your Guests

Help ensure your guests stay safe during inclement weather by arranging lodging ahead of time. Most hotels will allow you to place a closed or open (complimentary) block on hotel rooms, ensuring your guests have somewhere close to stay. Or better yet, consider a venue such as Blissful Hill which provides on-site lodging! Though on-site lodging can add to the cost of your venue rental, many guests will happily pay their stay, especially if they planned to stay at a hotel anyway!



Spring is such a beautiful time for a wedding! The trees are green and the flowers are in bloom. However, what makes everything green is also the thing most brides-to-be dread…the rain. Though the rain in itself can make for some pretty awesome photos, no one wants to be sopping wet on their big day. So, here are some tips to have a beautiful spring wedding while keeping dry!

#1 Indoor or Covered Ceremony and Reception

Perhaps the most obvious solution is to plan your ceremony and reception at an indoor wedding venue, or a venue with both options available. This will allow you to be prepared for sun or rain! Be sure to communicate with the venue and your coordinator what you’d like the plan to be should the weather be sunny or rainy.

#2 Rent a Tent

Determined to have an outdoor wedding no matter what? Consider renting a tent! There are tons of great options including clear tents so you can still be a part of the outdoors without having to worry about the rain. Plus you get the added bonus of being able to string festive lighting or hang chandeliers from the tent rods.

#3 Umbrella or Poncho Favors

Umbrellas and ponchos are timeless gifts that your guests will be able to use time and time again. Plus, umbrellas can add a ton of character to your wedding photos. Choose umbrellas in your wedding colors or customize them with meaningful words or phrases.

#4 Bring a Blow Dryer

If your dress gets wet, having a blow dryer on-hand will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to dry. Also, if you get a bit of mud on your dress, just dry the area with the blow dryer, then flick the mud off. It might also be handy to bring some spot stain remover just in case.

#5 Fresh Flower Decor

So not every tip here is in prep for the rain! Spring is the BEST season for fresh flowers. Whether you go through a florist or hand select some flowers yourself, you are sure to have a wide variety of bright and colorful options for your wedding decor! If you enjoy DIY, you can even try preserving wildflowers ahead of time.

#6 Rock the Rain Boots

If you ever needed an excuse to buy rain boots, let your wedding be it! Rain boots come in virtually every color and multiple different designs. If you aren’t convinced that rain boots are your thing, just check out other couples who have rocked the rain boots on their wedding day!

#7 Seasonal Food and Appetizers

There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables in season during the Spring. Sticking with seasonal foods will keep your food costs down while providing the most flavor! Consider offering a pre-dinner snack bar or serving appetizers with some of the seasonal favorites like strawberries, cantaloupe and blueberries!

#8 Serve Cold Drinks During Cocktail Hour

Speaking of seasonal fruit…we can think of several cold and delicious fruity cocktails which would be perfect for a spring cocktail hour! Like a Spring Blossom or a Berry Breeze!

#9 Fruit Centerpieces

Turns out you can do more with fruit than just eat it! Fruit makes absolutely stunning centerpieces and can be a really affordable and easy option for the DIY brides!

#10 Be Smitten, Not Bitten

We all love flowers and the warmer weather…but so do the bugs. Spring is the time of year when the bugs start coming out of hibernation and the last thing you want is you or your guests swatting during the ceremony! Consider having a bug spray station where gusts can spray on a bit of bug repellent before the ceremony.



Summer is a pretty opportune time to have a wedding. While there is still a chance for a summer rain, most of the spring storms have passed. With school out of session, there is often more flexibility in guest schedules. Not to mention the flower choices tend to be better in summer, giving option to bright and bold colors. However, here in Texas, we are no strangers to the blazing Texas heat. We’re talking about the kind of heat that could fry an egg on the pavement! Keep COOL with these 10 tips for a summer wedding!

#1: Plan an Evening Ceremony  

In the summer, the sun sets later allowing you to have a ceremony a bit later in the evening when it is quite a bit cooler. Starting around noon, heat starts to build with the hottest time of day peaking around 3pm. Be sure to avoid outdoor ceremonies during these hottest times of day.

#2: DIY Program Fans

Create DIY program fans for your wedding guests. These can be made with card stock, craft sticks and a little glue. The design possibilities are endless and can be completely customized for your wedding. Don’t quite have the time for a DIY project? Check out all the talented artisans on Etsy who can create them for you!

#3: Offer Hydration

Set up water stations for your guests while they wait for the ceremony to begin. This could be as simple as a trough full of ice and bottled water, or as elaborate as a catered fruit-infused water bar.

#4: Consider Renting Misters

You can rent misters, fans or portable AC units from local event companies. There are also online companies that sell portable sized mini fans and misters in bulk.

#5: Fabric Ceremony Seating

Metal chairs can be a very chic ceremony option but they can also literally burn the legs of your wedding guests if they’ve been sitting out in the sun for a while. Opt for seats with a fabric seat that will not get as hot as metal.

#6: Set Expectations

It’s not uncommon for guests to be unsure of what to wear to your wedding. Be sure to set your guest’s expectations on your invitations by letting them know if your ceremony will be outside and what attire they should wear.

#7: Dress Appropriately

Speaking of attire, consider how you dress your wedding party! Summer is probably not the best time of year to put your groomsmen in full blown suits or your ladies in long sleeved dresses. Instead consider light fabrics, such as chiffon for your ladies. Cute tea length dresses can come in a variety of colors. For the guys, consider white button up shirts with suspenders or just a simple vest. Don’t forget about your littlest wedding party members! Kids can get hot quick and when they do, look out for the grouchy tempers! Dress them in light clothes and consider gifting them a little “keep cool!” kit with some water, wipes and a personal sized fan or mister – might not be a bad idea for the rest of the wedding party either!

#8: Offer Cold Appetizers

During cocktail hour, or even before the ceremony, consider offering cold appetizers. Cold fruit, such as watermelon, grapes and strawberries on a stick, smoked salmon and cream cheese served on cucumber slices, or sweet cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto. If you need a bit of inspiration, Pinterest is full of great ideas for summer appetizers!

#9: Get Married Indoors

So this one might be a bit obvious, but choosing a venue with both indoor and outdoor ceremony options will give you the flexibility to move your ceremony inside if it’s just too hot outside.

#10: Consider Serving Ice Cream

There are endless possibilities when it comes to serving ice cream at your wedding! From ice cream trucks, to self-serve ice cream bars! Here is a little more Pinterest for your inspiration!

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