Spring is such a beautiful time for a wedding! The trees are green and the flowers are in bloom. However, what makes everything green is also the thing most brides-to-be dread…the rain. Though the rain in itself can make for some pretty awesome photos, no one wants to be sopping wet on their big day. So, here are some tips to have a beautiful spring wedding while keeping dry!

#1 Indoor or Covered Ceremony and Reception

Perhaps the most obvious solution is to plan your ceremony and reception at an indoor wedding venue, or a venue with both options available. This will allow you to be prepared for sun or rain! Be sure to communicate with the venue and your coordinator what you’d like the plan to be should the weather be sunny or rainy.

#2 Rent a Tent

Determined to have an outdoor wedding no matter what? Consider renting a tent! There are tons of great options including clear tents so you can still be a part of the outdoors without having to worry about the rain. Plus you get the added bonus of being able to string festive lighting or hang chandeliers from the tent rods.

#3 Umbrella or Poncho Favors

Umbrellas and ponchos are timeless gifts that your guests will be able to use time and time again. Plus, umbrellas can add a ton of character to your wedding photos. Choose umbrellas in your wedding colors or customize them with meaningful words or phrases.

#4 Bring a Blow Dryer

If your dress gets wet, having a blow dryer on-hand will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to dry. Also, if you get a bit of mud on your dress, just dry the area with the blow dryer, then flick the mud off. It might also be handy to bring some spot stain remover just in case.

#5 Fresh Flower Decor

So not every tip here is in prep for the rain! Spring is the BEST season for fresh flowers. Whether you go through a florist or hand select some flowers yourself, you are sure to have a wide variety of bright and colorful options for your wedding decor! If you enjoy DIY, you can even try preserving wildflowers ahead of time.

#6 Rock the Rain Boots

If you ever needed an excuse to buy rain boots, let your wedding be it! Rain boots come in virtually every color and multiple different designs. If you aren’t convinced that rain boots are your thing, just check out other couples who have rocked the rain boots on their wedding day!

#7 Seasonal Food and Appetizers

There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables in season during the Spring. Sticking with seasonal foods will keep your food costs down while providing the most flavor! Consider offering a pre-dinner snack bar or serving appetizers with some of the seasonal favorites like strawberries, cantaloupe and blueberries!

#8 Serve Cold Drinks During Cocktail Hour

Speaking of seasonal fruit…we can think of several cold and delicious fruity cocktails which would be perfect for a spring cocktail hour! Like a Spring Blossom or a Berry Breeze!

#9 Fruit Centerpieces

Turns out you can do more with fruit than just eat it! Fruit makes absolutely stunning centerpieces and can be a really affordable and easy option for the DIY brides!

#10 Be Smitten, Not Bitten

We all love flowers and the warmer weather…but so do the bugs. Spring is the time of year when the bugs start coming out of hibernation and the last thing you want is you or your guests swatting during the ceremony! Consider having a bug spray station where gusts can spray on a bit of bug repellent before the ceremony.